Lab philosophy

In the Aouadi lab, curiosity and a passionate interest in improving human health are the main drivers of our science. Our ultimate goal is to uncover the signalling pathways that result in metabolic disease, thus leading to the identification of novel therapeutic targets to prevent or cure this debilitating disease.

The Aouadi lab works as a team and cares about each other like a family. We are individuals, each with our own unique skillset and way of thinking, which allows us to be an even stronger team and work jointly for the common goals of the laboratory.

What characterizes the Aouadi lab:

  • Positivity. Science can be hard sometimes…experiments don’t work, manuscripts or applications get rejected, competition is tough but, through it all, we stay positive! The happiness of the lab is important for productivity and our well-being in general. Therefore, instead of becoming side-tracked by the stress of science, we focus on our main objective which is to discover meaningful targets and strategies in the prevention of metabolic disease. Through it all, and most importantly, we support and motivate each other.
  • Grit. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Rigorous and impactful Science takes time and hard work. Rather than taking short cuts we invest and persevere in performing top-quality science. Science requires hard work which means that sometimes work is accomplished on weekends or evenings, but the Aouadi lab believes that following your passion and doing what you love with the support of a team makes it all possible.
  • Thinking outside of the box. We are not afraid to question and sometimes break the dogma of the field if the data drives us there. What this means is that we base our hypothesis on the data and not the other way around.
  • In addition, we are invested in cutting-edge technologies to solve difficult problems. In the Aouadi lab we keep abreast of novel technologies and  if the technology does not exist to answer our questions, then we develop the technology within our lab group or with collaborators.
  • Respect. We care and respect each other independently of the position in the lab. It is essential to feel in a safe and comfortable environment to be able to express yourself. In the Aouadi lab, everyone has a say regardless of position or role in a project. We always welcome feedback and suggestions.
  • Knowledge exchange with colleagues, collaborators, industry and the general public is extremely important. We are very open and are happy to provide intellectual input, share technologies and sometimes samples in order to advance the field of metabolic disease.
  • Life Balance. The Aouadi laboratory believes that deep work and learning, which is fundamental to cutting-edge science, requires times of rest and relaxation to improve optimal productivity. Hard work is important but taking care of yourself is equally important.
  • Approachability and transparency. In the Aouadi lab, we strongly believe in sharing to advance Science. If you would like to discuss our data or even challenge them or if you want to get access to our data, feel free to reach out. As long as it is done in a professional and respectful way, we are very happy to discuss our data or yours. BUT we will not engage with anonymous bullies as we believe that Science should be open, ethical, transparent and respectful.


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