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Since the discovery of macrophages in adipose tissue, many laboratories have focused their effort on understanding the contribution of these immune cells to metabolic diseases. Despite great progress in characterizing obesity as a state of low-grade inflammation, very little is known about the multiple phenotypes and functions of macrophages in metabolic tissues. The lack of methods to carefully investigate cell-to-cell variability in macrophage phenotype and to manipulate gene expression in a cell-specific manner has delayed answering these crucial questions. Our lab takes advantage of sophisticated methods to investigate macrophage subpopulations and their function in obesity-associated metabolic complications.


Welcome to Aouadi Lab. We are a research group focusing on immunometabolism in the context of obesity and associated metabolic diseases.

The group is part of ICMC at Karolinska Institutet: Aouadi Lab at Karolinska Institutet

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"...scientists should consider the many ways that inequality manifests in science...understanding the scope of systemic inequality in science will enable genuine and sustainable efforts to make scientific institutions fair for all." #LetterToScience

We are recruiting tenure-track faculty to @ProgMolMed @UMassMedical ( This is an open search - we will consider candidates from all areas of biomedical science Posted today: Please RT

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